Available APHA Board Positions

Are you looking for an opportunity to meet and network with other passionate public health students, use and enhance your leadership skills, and contribute to the Student Assembly? If so, we want YOU to apply for one of our open board positions!

To apply for these positions, you must be a student, a current member of APHA and the Student Assembly, and willing to commit approximately 5-10 hours per month to the position for 1 year.

Chair/Co-Chair Positions Available (deadline 2/1/2008)

  1. Advancement Committee Co-Chair
    • Help disseminate information regarding APHA-SA activities to the APHA-SA Student Liaisons
    • Maintain the Advancement Committee web pages by ensuring links are all active and adding information as needed
    • Place advertisement in annual meeting supplements
  2. Campus Liaisons Sub-Committee Co-Chair
    • Increase the number of campuses that have at least one APHA-SA Campus Liaison
    • Support liaisons in disseminating information regarding APHA and APHA-SA, in building membership, and in designing successful recruitment activities
    • Prepare letters to go out to SPH Deans recognizing the efforts of liaisons
  3. Development Committee Co-Chair
    • Manage all APHA-SA fundraising activities
    • Assist individual APHA-SA committees in searching for and securing grants
    • Collaborate with Programming and Abstracts Chairs to raise funding support for annual meeting programming
  4. Membership Committee Co-Chair
    • Develop membership recruitment tools (i.e. brochure) for the SA
    • Actively promote membership and benefits throughout the year and at the annual meeting
    • Recruit new members through campus liaison/section liaison programs
  5. Programming Committee Co-Chair
    • Support APHA-SA by ensuring successful representation of SA during the Annual Meeting events
    • Recruit committee members from diverse public health backgrounds to assist in coordinating events
    • Increase the fiduciary power of APHA-SA through the attainment of monetary donations

What To Do If You're Interested

For complete job descriptions for each of the positions above, click here. If you are interested in a position, please download and complete a Board application, indicating the position in which you are interested. The personal statement section of the application should include:

  1. A brief introduction of you (i.e., school, interests, etc.).
  2. Why you're interested in the position
  3. What previous experience or skills you have prepared you for serving in this position. (No previous experience is necessary. If you don't have specific experience, please describe the skills you possess that might be pertinent).

Please your application to the Nominations Chair. You may also the Chair if you have any further questions about the positions.

Available Positions As Committee Members

If you're not interested in chairing a committee but still want to be involved, you should consider becoming involved as a committee member on any of the 11 Committees and 4 Subcommittees of APHA-SA. Contact the committee chair or the to get involved.



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